Nordic Cruise (Friday): Heading Home

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We’re on our way from Norway heading for Southampton. It’s a journey that’ll last all day (and all night), arriving at the Mayflower Dock early tomorrow morning.

So, that makes today a (re)packing day, a chance to engage in one or two events on the Programme that we’ve somehow missed, and finally a chance to reflect on the past seven days at sea.

It’s been a great holiday – and a great cruise. We’ve never booked at such short notice before, but the price made it about the same price as a mid-priced hotel – including all the food, so it was a no-brainer. Maybe the (mostly) fine weather helped make it something extra special, but I think this one will be even more memorable (in a good way).

Having sailed with P&O on my FIRST cruise ‘back in the day, plus quite a few more cruises with others in the years that followed, we’ve tended to put P&O in the background. And although they were all good experiences (especially Windstar and the the Cunard lines), it felt ‘right’ to return to the P&O brand after seven-or-so years elsewhere.

Gone is the slight imperialist feel, and in its place, a vibrant,  modern and more informal experience – and all for the better. Not that it wasn’t enjoyable in the past, (it was!), but today’s P&O seemed much more ‘in-tune’ with guests and their varied needs and the whole Ship had an even more premium feel to it. All of this has left us with a great impression of cruising as a holiday choice and convinced us even more that it can be a very cost effective holiday with plenty of variety.

Nice one P&O! – and thanks for a GREAT experience #Ventura!

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