Japan Holiday – Day 9

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An ultra lazy morning as we’d mostly packed last night. After our last breakfast at the Hyatt, we took a taxi to the Station and caught the 10.56 bullet-train back to Tokyo arriving spot on time – 2.40pm.

mon2_ (1)

We re-checked back into the Marriott hotel – room 627 (just opposite the room where we were earlier in the holiday). The view is not so great as last time though!

mon2_ (2)

After a quick unpack, we headed by subway train to the Harbour Bay area. The breeze was very welcome as it was another hot, sticky day. After a short journey and a short walk we reached the water. The few clouds almost all disappeared leaving a breathtaking sight across the Bay. It reminded us of the London Docklands, with lots of tall glass buildings and a harbour boat service.

mon2_ (8)

We took the monorail back and whilst trotting around a large office complex, we stumbled on the Panasonic Living Showroom. This show-cases the latest in home design – hi-tech kitchens, armchair toilets, massaging baths, – all beautifully designed and really interesting to wander around. Fantastic stuff, but security was quite tight, with no photographs allowed. Suffice to say, we saw some great ideas for the home: the largest Panasonic TV projector and screen I’ve ever seen; our other favourite were the toilets that pop-up the seat-cover when they see you coming and close it afterwards, plus the sinks made in any colour you like!
We headed back to the room for a pit-stop and then went out to take some night-shots. Before the photography we decided to find somewhere to eat. Ann fancied noodles, so we stumbled upon a local Chinese restaurant – noodles…dumplings…4 gallons of sweetcorn soup…sticky rice…sake rice-wine…and a coke – we were stuffed!

P1000684 night0 (5)
night0 (7) P1000682
We finished the evening in a French coffee-bar just up the road from the Hotel. It seemed weird ordering coffee in pidgin franco-japanese.  

Off to Yokohama tomorrow!

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