Short break: Portsmouth (Day 4)

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I got up at 7 so I’d have time for a shower before heading up the road to get a ticket for the car that we couldn’t park near the hotel last night.

Ooooo…I’ve noticed I’m a bit pink this morning after all that exposure to the good weather yesterday – they’ll be no chance of that today though, it looks very grey out there.

Mission accomplished – we’re parked for three hours for the reasonable sum of £3.

We hit the breakfast scene around 9 and then headed for Gunwharf Quays. We’re going to catch the Gosport Ferry to meet up with Steve and Denise.

First stop though was the excellent D-Day Museum just up the road in Southsea. It was a really comprehensive museum and the most stunning (and unexpected) part was probably the ‘Overlord Embroidery‘ – a bit like the Bayeux Tapestry… only longer – telling the story of Operation Overlord

Gosport FerryAfter leaving the Museum,  we headed into town and jumped on-board the 11.30 Gosport Ferry, and rang Denise to let us know we were on our way. The weather by now, was deteriorating! IMGA0010
Denise met us at the Terminal in Gosport and after a short walk, we were on board the good ship ‘Touché’. Wow, what an impressive boat! Denise and Steve are sailing to Alderney tonight and the weather is definitely getting worse!!

IMGA0011After leaving Steve and Denise at the Marina, we decided to visit the Royal Marines’ Museum back in Southsea. This was also an impressive place including probably the biggest collection medals we’d ever seen. We spent over an hour there and as we left the weather was worse – such a change from yesterday. We jumped straight back in the car and headed back to the Hotel.

Time for ‘feet-up’ and bit of TV before getting ready to see Ian and Sharon in Chichester at The Cider House Restaurant, Chichester. It’s their Anniversary tomorrow and we’ve got them a cheese-knife set from John Lewis.

The Cider House menu is

  – and what a menu! The food was nothing short of excellent and the service was spot-on too! One of the owners (Julia Dent) was serving and the place was packed! We must drop her a line to compliment her on the whole experience – superb!!
We said our good-byes and had a smooth journey back to the Hotel, getting in around 10.45pm. We even got a a parking space nearby, which was an improvement on last night!

Well, it’s been a GREAT break and we’ve been so lucky with the weather (apart from today!). We’re leaving straight after breakfast tomorrow, so we should be home by lunchtime.

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