Christmas Day 2009 – Barbados

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I was up about 6.30 and took a shower. It’s already getting warm here – very UN-Christmassy!! πŸ™‚

We started phoning round the family (UK is four hours in front of Barbados)…Mae and Denis first…then Roger, Jane and Oliver.

At his stage, we’re not sure of our plans today. We’ve only bought just a few pressys with us, so we won’t be doing the massive pressy-opening session that we’d normally do at this time.

Another leisurely breakfast – we ate outside – and then back to the room to ring round the rest of the family and open our pressys, before we take our Christmas walk.

10.15. Leaving Sweetfield Manor, we’re off, heading for ‘the boardwalk’ a sea-view walk along the coast.

The entrance to Sweetfield Manor

Initially, the walk, was through the back streets…past a Church and then the racecourse and a very pink house…boy is it hot!!!…must be 30 degrees.

Local Church...
The Race CourseΒ Pink House...

At last, we found a Bar – no food yet, but it’s a start! Some more walking and we eventually found one selling food – ‘Can-Ai’ – Fantastic!!

A Bar with food...
A long leisurely Christmas lunch of salad for Karen and chicken pieces in a slightly spicy batter with chips and salad for the rest of us – how traditional!! πŸ™‚

1.30. Lunch over and there is no way we’re walking back!! We eventually flagged-down a taxi but he’d not heard of Sweetfield Manor, so we gave him directions!! Fifteen minutes later and we’re back at the Manor. Time for a shower and some chilling out! Phew, it’s still 30 degrees here…Returning to Sweetfield Manor

Annie is doing tea and cakes at 4 – yummy!

We spent the rest of the evening reading and chatting. It was still quite hot so we tried out different places around the house to find the coolest spot. We ended up on the monkey observation platform hoping to see some… but no luck today!

We then settled in the Bar for an hour-or-so. But by 7pm, I was shattered, so we retired for the evening!!!

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