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On a much more joyful note, Ralph and Karen joined this evening. They’re staying for a few days, in part, to discuss some of the details for ‘the event’, now that there’s only 351 days to go! Smile


DVD (Blu-ray) CenturionAfter a tasty meal of home-made shepherds’ pie plus the obligatory quantity of alcohol, we sat down to watch Centurion, a sort of Gladiator-lite but with (even) more blood and (much) less of a story. 

Starring Michael Fassbender, it’s certainly not a film to watch whilst eating your kebab if you’re squeamish. It didn’t hold-back in the blood department or the ‘thuds’ and ‘squelching’ sounds during the numerous fight-scenes – yuk! – and was the most graphically violent films I’ve ever seen.  On the plus side, the scenery was stunning and the sound-track was pretty good too! Definitely worth a watch – just don’t eat at the same time!

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