DVD: The Wolfman

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After our busy morning, we chilled out in the evening to cold-cuts and the Blu-ray DVD: The Wolfman. I’ve had it for quite a while now, but hadn’t had an opportunity to watch it until now.

DVD_TheWolfmanStarring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins, it tells the story of a nobleman returning to his estate to find that an animal with incredible blood-lust has been killing the local villagers. Cue plenty of howling, plenty of blood – and actually a surprisingly good storyline! The only other version I know of, was an old black and white one made in 1941 of the same title, and I think this newer version was based on that.

The special effects were pretty good and the muted colour palette throughout just added to the overall spookiness of the film! All-in-all one of those films that was truly scary with plenty of genuinely shocking moments. I used to hate these sort of films, but I’m all right neee-ooow!
Surprised smile  Surprised smile  Surprised smile  Surprised smile  Surprised smile

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