Han or not to Han

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Our original plan was to pick up Jo, Janet and Carol and head over to Han, our favourite Chinese restaurant in Market Harborough for a final pre-Christmas gorge-fest.

However, the atrocious weather here put paid to that and we decided to have everyone round to ours. As it turned out, Carol wasn’t able to make it, so the four of us gorged on an Indian feast of meals courtesy of JS and M and S!

dvd_enchantedAfter eating, we settled down to the blu-ray DVD Enchanted‘, an unusual film, released just before Christmas in 2007. It was half cartoon and half ‘real’ and started off looking like an old Disney cartoon classic such as Sleeping Beauty. The heroine, Giselle (played by Amy Adams) is tricked by the Wicked Witch (Susan Sarandon, in full panto-mode!) and ends up being transported to modern-day New York, The story revolves around Giselle coping as a one-dimensional cartoon character in the 21st century and gradually changing her views about ‘true love’. Ahh, bless!

It wasn’t really a film that test the blu-ray capabilities of the player, but the colours were very vibrant – especially the dance scene in the park. And, apart from Timothy Spall, I didn’t recognise any of the actors, although Jo pointed out that the ‘hero’ was the guy (Patrick Dempsey) from Grey’s Anatomy. But, it a strange kind of way, it was a very watchable film with some clever special effects (especially the chipmunk) and maybe one especially suited to this magical time of year.


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