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Biscuit and Bon Bon - November 2007

Image by Steve Palmer (UK) via Flickr

This is our final weekend before the holiday, so there is plenty to do – not least the packing! We had a productive morning, mostly cleaning and generally tidying-up.

Additionally, we took the cats to the Vet for their final injections. We decided to get to there slightly before the 2pm opening time, to avoid the queues – a good move as it turned out, because it got much busier as as we approached the hour.

Both Biscuit and Bon-Bon demonstrated a degree of catittude when meeting the vet – and they growled (yes, Persians growl) through the whole process. Still, it’s ‘job done’ for another year and at least they’re both protected for any cat-lurgy!

Time to put our feet-up for a bit as we’ve got ourselves pretty well organised. So-much-so, we’ll probably start packing tomorrow, just to make sure it all fits!!!

TV time: We watched the final episode of series 2 of Merlin (recently commissioned for a third series), and the final of Strictly Come Dancing.

More snow is forecast for tonight and so we’ve cancelled our get-together with Mae and Denis at Downtown tomorrow for the annual presents-swap. It’s not been above –1 here today and with more snow coming, it’s bound to make the journey very difficult. We’ve rescheduled it for Sunday, January 10th.

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