The George, Great Oxendon

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I’m beginning to lose count of the exact number of times we’ve been here since our great friends, Paul and Sue first introduced us to this eatery back in November, 2021.

It really is a first-class place to eat, and the service is second-to-none. Today, we’re meeting up with Ian & Ann and Alan & Mags for lunch for another of our three-monthly catch-ups.

Today, however, was a strange experience! 😮

The usual lightning-fast service was replaced with err, actually, very little service at all! So much so, I had to remind them to come and take the order for drinks for Alan and Mags (who arrived after us).

The food itself, was mostly fine, but the service was soooo slow. In fact, it all became a bit of a rush for us towards the end. Ah well, let’s put that one down to a very rare one-off experience. I’m happy to report that the management responded quickly to my feedback and explained why things had been below par.

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