Trouble comes in 3s!!

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Today’s the day when the cats get a haircut and a bath.

Take cover! 🙂

They’re well overdue for both and I reckon it’ll be difficult for the Pussy Parlour to get rid of all their knots (without shaving them)given that it’s been so long since their previous visit in August. This is the longest they gone without a ‘service’ and that’s not ideal and it’s not good for their coats. It’ll be interesting to see how they look when they get back …and what sort of mood they’re in!!!

Oh bugger!! – We got there and the whole place was closed. That would explain why they hadn’t returned any of my calls.

Well, they say trouble comes in 3s…

Event 2 – Ann tapped in her PIN to pay for the shopping, but it queried it – so she tried two more times …and the machine still didn’t like it and locked the card. It was at that point I realised I couldn’t find my Visa to pay for the food. Guess what? Ann was using my card with her PIN.

Event 3 – So, there we are queuing to leave Sainsbury’s car-park and waiting for the guy in front to realise he’s driving the wrong round the car-park’s one-way system. Still at least he didn’t drive into us.

…but the woman to my right, reversing her Fiesta, almost did. I really, really, really thought she was going to hit us. And, she was looking in her mirror as she did so. I reckon she was 1 inch off stoving the side of the car in! Go figure!

I think it’s best if we just go back to bed today!!!

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