Holiday: Scotland – Day 8, Seven Days a Highlander!

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Well, we’ve just spent the past seven days in Scotland. The first half was a bit ‘off the beaten track’ with friends in Gartly, Aberdeenshire and then we drove to Inverness’s largest hotel – The Kingsmills – for the remainder. Not sure if that makes me a (temporary) ‘Highlander’ or not!?

Although we’ve been to Bonnie Scotland before, this time, we felt we got to know the people and the places more thoroughly.

So, what did we learn?

  • As a country, the people and places are very COVID19-Aware
  • The scenery is spectacular
  • The locals are very friendly
  • If you’re coming to Inverness at this time of year, bring a vest (or preferably 3!)
  • If you want to use your mobile phone, bring a mast (preferably 20!)
  • We solved the mystery of where all UK’s public toilets have gone – they’re in Scotland! (much to Ann’s delight!)
  • No one makes chips like they do up here
  • Someone stole all the dolphins!
  • Parking in many towns and villages was completely free

Would we come back? Of course! 😁

Inverness Airport

WORDS TO THE WISE: Don’t expect Inverness Airport to have a petrol station so that you can top up your hire-car’s tank before handing it back! The nearest seems to be Tesco, some six miles away! 😮

9.05am: With the hire-car parked and the keys deposited in AVIS’s ‘dropbox’ we whizzed through Security into one of the UK’s smaller airports.

Our plane is on-time and we’ll be home mid-afternoon. Farewell Scotland, see you next time! 👍👍

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P.S. Very nice to come home to a mat piled high with cards… and then there was all my birthday gifts to open! Oh, the pressure! 😊

Above, some of my Birthday Gifts from 2020

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