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DVD - Avatar on Blu-rayWith Friday-night Fish and Chips organised, Jo, Janet, Lee and Nikki joined us for supper and then we all watched Avatar on Blu-ray (is there any other colour for this film!).

Ann and I had seen it at the cinema back in February in 3D. At the time, I’d been brief about the film but gave it five-stars because I was so ‘blown-away’ by its overall impact. The story line didn’t require much brain-power, but visually, it was just… WOW!!!!

Tonight we ‘slummed-it’ in 2D , and it’ll be interesting to see if I’m as impressed this time round with the lack of the third dimension!

8.45pm: Curtain up, and for the next 155 minutes (it’s a l-o-n-g film), we were all transported back to the planet of Pandora with the indigenous Na’vi population, courtesy of James Cameron’s mind-blowing blockbuster – apparently he waited a number of years for the technology to catch-up with his vision of how he wanted it all to look. A paper-thin plot was complemented by the visually impressive story of how one specie lays claim to the land of another, because it contains some valuable resources.

No surprises, for seeing the parallels with certain other countries on planet Earth!!!

Current hunk-of-the-moment, Sam Worthington plays Jake, whilst the female lead is handled competently by Zoë Saldana playing Neytiri. Sigourney Weaver stars as the chief scientist, Grace Augustine and represents the ‘good’ ‘guys’, whilst head of the ‘bad’ humans (and he is SO bad!) is Colonel Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang.  But hey, forget the humans and just marvel at how the whole thing just hangs together, and sends your senses on a roller-coaster of a journey.

So, how did stand-up on the small(er) screen and just in 2D? In my view: ‘perfectly’. Although the length of the film was a little challenging for some – Ann skuttled off to bed, with about an hour to go, for the rest of us, the time passed pretty quickly.

Even if you are not a sci-fi/fantasy fan, you have to marvel at the sheer imagination and the scope of the thing – James Cameron has pulled off a ground-breaking result, that should be applauded for his craft of film-making. It was literally, ‘out-of-this-world’!

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