Resurfacing the A14

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We met up with Geoff, Rhonda, Paul and Sue today for lunch at The Vines. Unusually, the place was nearly empty when we arrived just before 12.30 but I guess it’s that time of year and lots of people are away on holiday. The weather was gorgeous – so much so, that Ann and I WALKED there! Unbelievable!!!

The service was prompt and the girls enjoyed a fruit-infested Pimms, whilst the boys went for alternatives as we studied the menu. We were then shown to our table having opted for the full three-courser.

Although the service was a bit lack-lustre, the beef lacked nothing – except a sharp knife! Ann asked for THIN slices, only to be presented with wedges so thick, they could have offered to the Department of Environment to resurface the A14! Alternatively, that shoe-heeling service in the town would benefit – it’ll last longer than leather and tasted much the same. A quarter of an inch thick, and pretty tough would not be an exaggeration – and in spite of pointing this out and returning it, it came back with the excuse: ‘that’s how it comes’. Appalling Mr Vine!!! Get your act together in the kitchen please.

Anyway, unlike the beef, we were all in fine form – and those NOT having the Beef enjoyed their meal. Top marks for our dessert too – Bakewell Tart – lovely pastry and melt-in-the-mouth too!

Geoff and Rhonda are returning to Cyprus soon for a few months, and we’re all going to meet up again in December – that should give the Chef time to buy a knife sharpener!


.. and we walked home too! That’s two walks in one day!!!!

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