Origin of the Species – Bon-Bon attacks!

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Image by Stevey P via Flickr

Ahh, the domestic cat – aka ‘Felis Catus’ whose hunting skills have been honed to perfection after years of evolution. It’s still possible to see this basic instinct in today’s cats that was so evident in their distant relation – the sabre tooth tiger and today’s lions and tigers.

Picture the scene – a dark night in Kettering and Biscuit and Bon-Bon are, as usual, on patrol in the garden, protecting us from intruders (see picture above). All of a sudden, Bon-Bon springs into life, having spotted ‘something’ in the undergrowth. After assessing the situation and identifying her prey – a frog – she accelerates in the opposite direction with the frog chasing her!!!!

Good to see that thousands of years of evolution haven’t gone to waste then! Bon-Bon obviously got out of the gene-pool when they were handing out the bit about stalking and trapping your prey.

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