Our New Kitchen – A Step Backwards…

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Having blown-out John Lewis because of their high prices and also a local supplier for lack of attention to detail (they missed an appliance off the plans!), our latest supplier has also bitten the dust.

Great products, great prices, and a truly gorgeous showroom was complemented by a complete inability to meet any sort of agreed deadline! The last straw was when I agreed with them that they’d get the plans and pricing structure to us by the time we returned from holiday – they didn’t!! After a phone-call to them last week, where we agreed that it would all be here by Thursday – yesterday – by 5.30pm, still nothing had appeared.

I phoned them and expressed my displeasure only to be reminded that “In my book Steve, 5.30 is still Thursday and I still plan to get them to you”. Whilst technically correct, it did seem to be somewhat convenient that they were “just about to”.  Anyway, things went from crap to crappier resulting in me being accused of being patronising (moi?) and treating him “like a child” and having the phone slammed down on me!

I rang back, and things became very clear “Steve, I don’t need your business and if you going to be this nit-picky before we start the job, you sound like the sort of person, I don’t think I want to do business with…”

I agreed that the last bit was one thing we could agree on!

Phew, that’s got that off my chest and I feel better now Doctor 🙂

Is it too much to ask to find a supplier that can do what we ask..? The challenge continues…

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