Let’s Dance (Week 7 of 7)

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feet Well, here we are, seven weeks (and three left feet) later, we’ve now had the final dance-class of this series. It all starts again in September, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to commit to it. It’s all been very enjoyable and Bob and Marjorie have been excellent feet (and patient) tutors – but 9pm is just too late for us – we’re normally thinking about going to bed at that time!

Tonight, we started with the cha-cha and then moved feet onto learning the quickstep – apparently, it’s one of the easier dances to learn, but you wouldn’t have guessed it if you were watching me! I finally ‘got it’ by dancing with Marjorie – but even that took three or four attempts.

Well, we’ve certainly learned a lot and I’m not quite as bad as I thought I’d be – and it was also good (comforting) to see others struggling as well! If the next series starts earlier than 9pm, we’ll be there!

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