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Figure 1: PRINCE2 process model

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A few weeks ago Ann spent a five-days in London ‘going back to school’ learning about Projects in a controlled environment (zzzzzzzzzzz!) – alias PRINCE2.

The Course would ultimately lead to a formal qualification in project management and it’s a great qualification to have when managing any project. From my experience, its an absolute must-have for managing projects for the public sector too.

πŸ˜• It was a gruelling five days and very intensive, but Ann got through the FIRST exam – and passed. On the Friday, the final day, Ann undertook the SECOND exam – much more rigorous and very nerve wracking! Ann didn’t know on the day whether she had passed or not, and was told that she’d have to wait a few weeks to find out…

Today was the day – and Ann passed! Yippee!!!


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