DVD: Watchmen (Blu-Ray)

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dvd_bluray_watchmen Watchmen was a very unusual film. The story is about an alternative USA in 1985 where costumed super-heroes are a normal part of society. Civilisation is on the verge of nuclear war between the US and Russia and Nixon is in his third-term.

Someone is killing-off the super-heroes, most recently ‘The Comedian’ and those that are left join together to find the killer. (I don’t remember this film doing the rounds at the cinema and that’s often a bad sign!) I wonder how it’ll turn out? 

Ignoring the story for a moment, the lasting impression was the cinematography – truly stunning – whether or not you’re watching it in HD. Lots of slo-mo and extreme camera angles, made it very watchable (ha-ha, no pun intended!) at an artistic level.

Back to the story then. It certainly wasn’t one for the family – extremely violent and disturbing in all senses of the word. ‘Superman – The Movie’, it certainly wasn’t! And it definitely wasn’t a film to watch, to cheer yourself up – dark very dark extremely dark and depressing throughout. So much blood too…yuk! 

At two-hours 42 minutes long, it certainly required stamina to watch it in one go. I guess it’s always a challenge turning a comic err, graphic novel into a film – it must be difficult what to include and leave out. I watched it in two-chunks and that felt heavy going!

Definitely one for the die-hard fans of the comic graphic-novel then and not one to watch after a few lagers because of the multi-layered and complex story-line. Apparently there is a Director’s Cut version that’s longer and has a lot more dialogue. Be afraid, be very afraid!


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