Return to ‘The Pheasant’, Keyston

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pheasant We took a return trip to our favourite restaurant, The Pheasant at Keyston to celebrate Ann’s last day of unemployment before she starts her new job on Monday. At the start of her ‘rest period’ we’d also eaten there.
It was already busy when we arrived at 7.20…and it got busier! . After a glass of wine for Ann and a cider for me, we eventually got to our table around 7.45. We tucked into ‘Devils-on-Horseback’ (Ann) and ‘homemade black-pudding’ (me) for starters and the homemade burger (Ann) and roast lamb (me) for mains. We were too stuffed for a dessert, so we settled for a glass of Port and a Bailey’s Coffee.

We got home around 9.30. A perfect evening!

…and on Monday, the serious business of work begins once more for Ann. Overall, she’s made good use of the three-month (ahem) resting period – a bit of leisure; plenty of time for the garden; some long weekends; and some significant personal development. In fact, we both think it couldn’t have worked out much better!

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