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Leicester - Highcross Shopping CentreLee from the Kitchen Department at John Lewis (High Cross, Leicester) arrived today to take our briefing for a revamp of the kitchen.

Two plans: the first, to go completely bonkers and have the whole space redesigned. The second, a design that just concentrates on the essentials. It much depends on the final price, but we do want a replacement oven, a second full-size oven, an induction hob and some book-shelves. But perhaps most important of all,  to sort out the cra*** extraction unit above the existing hob that has all the sucking capability of a hairdryer!

Lee was superb – confident, knowledgeable and above all, not ‘pushy’ for the sale – just happy to offer his advice in a courteous and professional manner. He even suggested re-positioning the main oven to the opposite side of the kitchen to free-up some space on the right-hand side.

Plans and quotation are due in around two-weeks’ time. We’ll then visit the store to see a 3D CAD ‘virtual tour’ on a large screen in order to fine-tune it

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