Michael Jackson is dead!

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thriller25 I wasn’t his biggest fan, but like most of the population I do own a copy of his album, Thriller and I respect him for the impact he had on the pop-music scene. Singer, songwriter and dancer โ€“ what a talent!

I can remember back in the early 80s, going to a business meeting at work, where the host had videoed a copy of the Thriller video the night before for us all to watch during the meeting. In those days, it was a very sought-after thing to have seen โ€“ and we must have been one-of-the-few to have done so. Apart from the outstanding special effects, it was also the longest pop-video I’d ever seen and remains very clear in my memory.

Hearing the news today was a real shock โ€“ and I had to listen to the news bulletin very carefully to ensure I’d heard it correctly!

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