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mesh_pic Microsoft Live Mesh finally got dumped in favour of Microsoft Live Sync today. I’d been using Mesh for almost nine-months but I’d had my suspicions for a few weeks now that Mesh wasn’t automatically updating files across the network – even though the software itself said it had. New files were OK, but changes to existing files were somehow not transferring their data. Curious!

A quick check of the same files’ time-stamps across three PCs on the network confirmed my worst fears – only the host PC was reflecting the update. Interestingly, there were a few reports on the web with users experiencing similar problems – but I just didn’t have time to try and solve the problem myself – tempting though it was! 

So, I downloaded the slightly simpler version of Mesh called Live Sync. After a successful installation on all three PCs, and a load of testing, normal service has now been resumed!livesync_pic

Non-Techies might want to read this.
Functionally, both pieces of software are identical. They allow you to manipulate files on one PC, and any changes will be transferred to any other PCs elsewhere that you’ve ‘partnered’ (by going on-line using the Microsoft web-site). This is very useful software if you are out and about working on a file and don’t have a ‘stick’ with you. By the time you’ve saved the file locally, the changes are transmitted in real-time to all other linked PCs using any available web-connection.

Oh, and the software is free too!

Download Live Sync by clicking HERE – works with MACs too!

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