Australian Cruise: On Board – Day 2

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Written: Sunday, 9th October

We’re all at sea today!

Although we slept well, we were both awake from the early hours. So what to do? Most normal couples would go back to sleep, but we headed for the Gym at 6am! Wow! It’s probably the largest Gym we’ve ever seen on a Cruise Ship with an impressive range of machines. I stuck to the running track and lasted about 30 minutes, whilst Ann was a bit more adventurous!

Feeling suitably righteous, we then headed for breakfast in the Aqua-Class restaurant – ‘Blu’ for 7am. A few others had the same idea, but we got the perfect table-for-two by the window looking out to sea – and we could just make out the east-coast of Australia. Blu soon filled up – as did we – and by the time we left, there was a queue at the door.

The rest of the morning was spent on a lounger, catching-up with our reading and listening to various saved podcasts. We eventually found the perfect spot for an hour-or-so, and then, as the Sun ‘moved’, so did we, for another perfect position of sun and breeze – mmmmm!

A short break for lunch and afterwards Ann did some more sunbathing, whilst I retired to the Cabin Stateroom to escape the heat. Boy! It’s certainly turned-out to be much hotter today than we imagined.

Now it was time to get ready for our evening meal at one of Solstice’s speciality restaurants (having decided that it WAS a good idea to purchase one of the heavily promoted ‘packages’) – Oh, the pressure!. Tonight we ate at Murano’s – fancy French!
…and what a superb meal it was! Very good service to match too!

Afterwards it was a toss-up between seeing the show in  the Theatre: a “reimagining of Amadeus” or “something else” – we chose the latter and watched a movie in our Cabin Stateroom.

Tomorrow, it’s a walking tour of Brisbane (hopefully, not ALL of it!).
Smile with tongue out

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