Cats in, Clock up

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We took the cats over to Patsy‘s for their normal ‘six-weekly bath-and-brush-up’. Bon-Bon (being white) was certainly in need of a wash – it looked like she’s been head-butting piles of mud (she probably had!)

bonbon-19042009 biscuit-19042009

P1000261 At last, the conditions were right (a lovely warm day) to put up our new garden clock. Our previous attempt last year failed miserably some six weeks’ later when the wind brought it crashing down, ‘bouncing bomb’ style, scattering pieces all over the garden – The pairing of DIY skills and me is similar to pairing Jeremy Clarkson with green transport supporters! Perhaps I should put a net underneath!!

After picking up the cats we carried with a few bits in the garden.

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