David and Val’s for Dinner

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We went round to David and Val’s tonight for Dinner. The food as always, was SUPERB. Tonight, we were treated to melt-in-the-mouth steak casserole followed by Ann’s delicious marmalade and banana bread and butter pudding with custard. Great grub – we were stuffed.


After the meal, we watched ‘Lions for Lambs’ starring Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford (who also directed it). In theory, the fine cast of actors and the topical plot-line (American soldiers in Afghanistan) should have made it a really good film. Oh dear! what a disaster! It was sooooooo boring! and the three alternating sub-plots were edited in such a way that we just got ‘into’ one part of the story and then it switched to one of the others. The good news was that the film as only 87 minutes long. Avoid at all costs unless you have trouble sleeping…
stars-one and a bit
We channel hopped for a bit and settled on BBC HD who were showing ‘Rapunzel‘ – a repeat from 2008 retelling the famous fairy-tale. Using the setting of a present-day tennis tournament, it tells the story of a crap male tennis player, who after encouragement from his father (also his coach) encourages him to temporarily dresses as a female player because he thinks he has a better chance of winning. It was hilarious…but we were too tired to see the end. David recorded in HD and we’ll see the ending sometime soon.

It was a great evening – the five-star food complemented the DVD perfectly. Thanks heavens for the BBC though!!!

Totally knackered, we got to bed about 11.45 – very late for us!

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