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Well, today, we’re trying out a new cat-groomers in Kettering. That’s because the other place seems to have gone tits-up! They’re going in at 12 and hopefully will be back by 3 this afternoon. we really hope they do a good job, as there are no others to use round here.

The cats are well overdue and their coats are in a bit of a mess – that’s going to make it more stressful and more difficult for all parties involved!!!

On a more positive note, Jill at the new groomers sounded nice over the phone and they’re quite a bit cheaper than the previous place – not that money is the issue here.

Well, we got the call around 2.30 – Jill had ‘done’ the two cats. She sounded really stressed out and had had a tricky time with them both. Perhaps, surprisingly, Bon-Bon was a little sweetie whilst Biscuit was the ‘beast-from-Hell’.

It only took me about ten-minutes to get there and when I saw Jill, she did indeed look stressed out. When I asked her initially if she’s be prepared to do them again, she was unsure! Eeek! that would have put us in a difficult position given there aren’t any other groomers round here for cats. Anyway, by the end of the conversation, she agreed to see them in six-weeks’ time. Phew! that was close!!!

On closer inspection of Biscuit and Bon-Bon, Biscuit looked generally OK, but Bon-Bon – maybe not surprisingly – looked a bit sorry for herself and had a few bald patches. Given the state she was in before, that’s not too surprising, but it is sad to see a cat looking so ‘bedraggled’.

Still, at least they’re done now and I’ve agreed to give Jill a call around the middle of January for a repeat visit.

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