Blood-bath in Worthing

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Well maybe not a bath…more like a shower!

Got up as normal, washed my hair and then blew my nose. Next moment, blood gushing from nose and no no way to stop it!!! Ann called the owner of the B and B – Brian..and he arranged for Paramedics. Just a few minutes later, they arrived, but even after taking their advice, the blood was still flowing.

So off to Worthing A and E in an Ambulance. Once admitted, they took all my details (including how many bedrooms we have in our house!?) and then checked my blood-pressure – that was quite normal. They also did a blood-test and those results were fine too!

Apparently, there are three options in situations like these. Option 1 – add some adrenalin up my nose and hope for the best. Option 2, insert a ‘pack’ – like a tampon – to soak it all up – and leave in situ for 48 hours. Option 3 – Cortorise the wound.

The Nurse opted initially for option 1, but that didn’t seem to help, so Option 2 was tried. Eeek! The ‘pack’ was at least two-and-a-half times the lenght of my nose…I wonder how far that will reach then! 🙂 Youch!, that was interesting I now had a 5 inch plug up my nose. Apparently this would do the trick and I was discharged.

After a few hours back at our room in the B and B, my nose was still bleeding, so we decided to return to the Hospital. We were seen inside 5 minutes by a Doctor called Fergus who initially had the envious task of removing the plug – Youch (again) as 5 inches of blood-soaked tampon was withdrawn from my nose at speed! Not the most pleasant of experiences!

Anyway, Fergus decided that cortorising the wound was the best option. I imagined him turning up with a big red-hot poker and ramming it up there…but I was relieved to discover that they use a little cotton-bud with Silver-Nitrate on it. Ten minutes later, it was ‘job done’! Thanks Fergus! We returned to the B and B and got in touch with Ian and Sharon. We popped round for a drink and then briefly returned to the B and B before being picked up by I and S for a visit to The China Palace restaurant in Worthing.

We had a great meal and it was a relief to be almost back to normal. We got back to the B and B around 9.30

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