Meal with Mum, Neil, Debbie, Frankie and Alfie

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We were both up around 8 this morning and headed for breakfast at the B and B at 8.30. By 9.15 we were on our way to Mum’s and by 10.30 we were sitting in her lounge.

We headed off for The Crown around 12.30 and Neil, Debbie and the family arrived a few minutes after us. We had a great meal there, caught up with all our news and dropped Mum back at about 3pm.

We had a superb journey back and were home by 5pm – best time for ages – we were surprised at the lack of traffic for a Bank Holiday. The weather deteriorated from a warm day in Bromley to a cold and rainy one in Kettering. The car averaged 42.8 mpg on the return journey.

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