Journey to Worthing

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We set off around 9.15 and dropped Ann’s leather coat off in Northampton. Then, began the great trek southhwards!

Actually the traffic wasn’t too bad, but me missing the turning for the M25 from the M1 didn’t help! So, we thought we’d drive through London and out the other side towards the A23. Surprisingly, London wasn’t too bad, but we underestimated the chaos caused by Brixton High Street being ‘redesigned’ and where the result was a complete standstill for about an hour. Up until that point the car had averaged just over 51mpg – superb!

So, six and a bit hours later, we arrived in Worthing town. We parked up, did a small bit of shopping and chilled-out with a coffee at the ‘Coffee House’.

We then arrived at the B and B in Worthing after picking up some food in M and S for a carpet picnic.

We’re knackered…so roll on tomorrow!

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