Biscuit escapes!

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We’re both getting a bit concerned about Biscuit. I popped out the front to go the garage only to find Biscuit sitting on the driveway. The back gate was closed, so we’re not sure how she got there!

Soon as she saw me, she hurtled into next door’s garden..and disappeared. It was dark so I needed to get a torch to find her. Inspite of that, I still couldn’t see her..then I caught the flash of her eyes in the torch-light in the corner of Karen’s garden. As soon as she saw me, she was off – again – and disappeared – again! Finally, in the pouring rain, I found her, ten minutes later, behind Karen’s shed. She definitely didn’t want to come home!

Now we have a dilemma. Do we let her out in the garden or not. And, if we don’t, do we punish Bon-Bon as well by keeping her in?

I can see why we’re not parents – it’s too stressful!!!

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