Stamford with David and Val

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We met up with David and Val and headed off to Tolethorpe Hall to see an open-air production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Plan A was to take a picnic, but the weather forecast was predicted to be lousy so we decided instead to go to The George for a bite. Trying to book a table was tricky mainly because they didn’t start bookings until 7.30pm – too late for us!

But, after getting to Stamford, the weather turned really nice so we popped into Morrison’s to buy picnic food. The weather held…just…and Val managed to get a much-sought-after picnic table in the grounds. We had a fantastic picnic, ate far too much, but it was great!!!

The Play was excellent, only slightly marred by the sound of the Stamford Festival (three miles away) being carried by the wind. Hip-hop and Shakespeare don’t really go together :))

The Play finished around 11ish – we got home around 11.45.

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