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Another perfect day for sitting having a beer and generally doing nothing – so we met up with David and Valerie and went for a mega-walk.

And when I say mega, I use the term in a relative way – it was mega for me!!!


We started by walking down across the meadow, passed The Vines and into Wicksteed Park, carefully avoiding any temptation offered by the ice-cream van and the tea shop on-site! As expected, the place was packed, although most people were there for Wicksteed’s attractions rather a purposeful walk.

Scenes around Wicksteed Park
Scenes around Wicksteed Park
Scenes around Wicksteed Park

Probably the strangest site (apart for the abundance of un-ironed flesh on display) was a new piece of ‘art’ being installed – I’m sure it wasn’t there last time we were here.

Curious Art at Wicksteed

After walking our normal circuit in the park, we exited towards the newly tarmacked Powell Lane past the Post Office and then along the side of the Church and onto more meadow. There was even a cricket match going on – how very English! (well, actually, there wasn’t an actual game going on, just a load of people in cricket whites sitting around, so I think we missed it, or it was ‘half-time’!)

With the hardest part over, and with basecamp not far away, we quickened our pace (a bit), and we were soon home.

Phew! That was tiring, but we felt smug, so that’s OK then!!!

Next stop, the beer fridge for me!!!!!

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