The Mystery Briefcase

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Nan and Grandad

Grandad and Nanny
(Mum’s side), taken, we think, in 1961.

It’s the only photo of them we’ve got!

Mum’s with us for the week, returning home next Sunday.

She brought with her, ‘the briefcase’, that apparently contains lots of important family stuff that I’d promised to help her sort out. She’s often talked about it, but I’d never seen it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I opened it – I soon discovered it was  full of file after file of paperwork. So, we sat down at the dining-room table and gradually worked through the contents. It contained mainly loads of old bank statements and house-related stuff, inland revenue letters and various other non-essential bits of paper – some dated over 10 years ago. Time for a big clear-out!!!

Towards the end of the excavation, I came across a load of family-related stuff – Dad’s school report from 1938; four copies of his death certificate and a couple of photos – I think Mum had forgotten she had any of these. Most important of all, I found Mum’s Will, (although she thinks it’s an ‘old one’ and there’s ‘a newer version, somewhere else’ that’s a bit worrying! 

An hour later, we’d sorted out the crap (95%) from the personal stuff – and the briefcase was now a lot lighter. I’ve also discovered some very interesting family stuff.

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