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The Blue Bedroom
And finally, with the bed arriving from Fenwick’s late last week, this was the first opportunity we’d had to get the ‘blue bedroom’ back to looking like.. well… a bedroom – it’s been the dumping ground for all sorts of c*** for what seems like months, whilst the office was being converted back to another bedroom.

It all came as a flat-pack, as most stuff does theses days – and it weighed a ton, so hopefully that’s a good sign. Assembly instructions were minimal (that’s half the fun isn’t it!), and the small packet of screws and allen keys were sufficiently well concealed for me to accidentally throw them away with the cardboard packaging! Doh!

After a quick rummage through the (shiny new blue) dustbin, I was back in business and with Ann’s help we assembled it all in about half-an-hour. It’s a sturdy looking bit of kit and the finished result looks very nice indeed – it even matches the rest of the wood in the bedroom!

Job done! – maybe we should now open a B&B!


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