Steve and David do the Ivy

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The Trading Post - Kettering

A full-on day today! David popped round and we spent an hour or so removing the ivy from the front of the house (a job I’ve been putting off for ages!!!). Then it was off to The Trading Post for lunch. David hadn’t been before, but Ann and I went there around 10 years ago with Lynn. The car-park was bursting and when we got inside, so was the restaurant – I think everyone from Kettering over the age of 80 was in there! And it was easy to see why! – £14 quid for lunch (and that included drinks), a really good team of staff, all chatty and smiley (and actually making conversation with the customers too!), plus a really good atmosphere! We were well impressed!!!

Then, it was into town to pick up a few bits and pieces – guttering, aerial cable, paint for the porch and that other essential – chocolate!!!

Phew! – time for a RPAN (retired-persons afternoon nap!)

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