Ouch! my Head Hurts (geddit?!)

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Even for a confirmed Doctor Who geek like me, last night’s episode left my head spinning.

The episode began with some touching and clever scenes that very much fitted in with 2013, the anniversary year. What else? Well, definitely a wtf moment right at the end (I won’t spoil it here, just in case you’ve still to catch-up).

Everything else? A dark story throughout with some very fine acting – and that meant I enjoyed the episode very much – but it did all feel a bit rushed. Surely the BBC could have allowed a full hour, instead of the normal 45 minutes in this special year!

In my view, one particular character deserved more screen-time – River Song – she’s still a bit of a mystery figure and last night’s brief appearance didn’t add that much more to what we already know.

So far so good for the geeks,but I wonder how casual viewers interpreted last night? If they’d switched on just-this-once, I’m pretty sure they would have be reaching for the aspirin not long after – the episode did feel like a treat for the die-hards, but for the casuals, I’m not so sure.

…and the wtf moment right at the end will keep the Internet warm for the next six months whilst we wait for the 50th anniversary episode on 23 November – hopefully transmitted at 5.27!

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