DVD: Surrogates

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four star
DVD - Surrogates I’d forgotten I’d got this DVD! There wasn’t much on the TV (after Doctor Who, of course!), so I popped it in the DVD player and sat back to see what it was like.

Starring Bruce Willis (minus his white vest), it’s a story set in the near future where we all stay indoors and our ‘surrogates‘ (advanced life-like robots) do the hard work. The curious thing was that Willis’ surrogate looked just like him – only about 20 years younger – obviously some clever digital airbrushing, but very impressive, never-the-less.

Story-wise, it was very watchable, but I think it was over too soon. It’s very unusual these days for a film to last just 90 minutes and the whole story, to me, felt a bit rushed. It could have easily run for another 30-60 minutes.

All-in-all then, a good Saturday night guilty pleasure!!.

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