DVD: Hurt Locker + Fish and Chips with David and Val

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DVD - Hurt Locker on Blu-Ray
There’s nothing quite like Fish and Chips on a Friday is there? Maybe it’s the health benefits of fish combined with the naughtiness of chips? Or, maybe it’s because it’s just the end of the week? Whatever! it all tasted good!!!! – and I managed to squeeze in a battered sausage – oo-err missus!!! 🙂 
Afterwards, we all settled down to watch Hurt Locker on Blu-Ray DVD – that’s the film that did so well in the Oscars this year – it competed against Avatar and managed to scoop Best Picture and Best Film – brilliant, considering its budget was miniscule.

The story was about an American Bomb Disposal team in present-day Iraq. In spite of the total realism, (it felt more like a documentary, than a film), it’s probably not a film I’d watch again.

This was mainly because of the tension factor throughout – talk about ‘on-the-edge-of-our-seat’!!! – on a scale of 1-10, I would probably score it at least 12!!!! So much so, Ann bailed-out a third of the way through.

It was quite a long film – when we next looked at the clock, it was 10.45. That’s late for all four of us!! Off to bed then…

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