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Star Trek XI I’d been to see it at the cinema in May last year. Lee’s a fan, and hadn’t seen it, so with Ann away tonight (who’s not a fan!), it was the perfect opportunity to see it in all its blu-ray glory.

Having watched it again, I’d say it was a very watchable film – even if you’re NOT a trek fan, the storyline was well structured and the re-imagined characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scottie, were well-realised. The likeness and mannerisms of Spock and ‘Bones’ to their 60s counterparts was really impressive.

As expected these days, the special effects were outstanding. The ‘NCC 1701‘ looked even more realistic than in previous Trek movies. Director JJ Abrams did a great job with this film, injecting new life into the tired franchise of previous Trek movies.

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