Roger, Jane and Oliver here for the Weekend

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The day didn’t start well weather-wise with rain, rain and more rain. Good news though, by the time they arrived at just after 11, it was starting to clear-up.

Ann had already rushed down to Waitrose for 8am to get in the food for the weekend and we sat down to pizza and salad just before 1.

After clearing up and closely supervising Biscuit in the garden after yesterday’s incident, Ann, Roger, Jane and Oliver drove over to Corby for a spot of swimming (my sink-like-a-brick technique would have cramped their style) and I stayed at home and caught up with a bit of work and read the newspapers.

dvd-pcasp When they got back at 5ish, it was time to prepare tonight’s meal of sausage and mash. In between the preparation, we tried to keep Oliver interested in the Blu-ray DVD: Prince Caspian, that he’d chosen from our collection, but it’s a pretty slow start to the film and Oliver got bored very quickly. After pausing the DVD a number of times, we gave up, Oliver went to bed and we tucked into our evening meal. We finished off the Sausages and Mash and then got stuck into the trifle that Ann and Oliver had made earlier,

With Oliver safely tucked-up in bed we could have an adults-only meal and conversation followed by us all watching the end of the film. We eventually went to bed at 10.35.

There were plenty of potential interruptions from the ‘Trick-or-Treaters’, but unusually this year, we ignored them (apart from the group that came round at 2.45 in the afternoon, who because they were so early, fooled me into thinking they were someone else.
It’s raining hard and having let the cats out a couple of hours earlier at 5.30, I’m beginning to think that wasn’t a good idea. Bon-Bon was smart enough to come in, but Biscuit was no-where to be seen! Hopefully this wasn’t a repeat of recent events. Phew! about 10 minutes later, she wandered in, also soaked through!

Oliver was up just after me at 7, doing what kids do, running around and investigating everything. My Office, where the door was shut yesterday, now presented itself as an Aladdin’s Cave for him books, CDs, computers all requiring a thorough investigation and followed up with a barrage of questions – oh joy!! 🙂

We had a late-ish breakfast of cereals, croissants and jams and then we settled down to the Sunday papers, whilst Oliver helped Ann prepare Sunday lunch – a full roast.

Oliver‘s good in the kitchen – he does all the jobs you want him to…but occasionally, some of the jobs you don’t! All-in-all though, a real asset.

Lunch was on time and by the end of it we were all, as usual, completely stuffed!! The kitchen carnage was quickly returned to its more normal state and we then chilled-out chatting and snoozing. It’s now 3.15, it was time for them to head home.

It’s been a great weekend, but a bit knackering, especially for Ann, who attempted to keep Oliver amused throughout his stay – it’s easy to forget the limitless energy and the intensive questioning of a five-year old!

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