Let’s Dance… (Week 1 of 7)

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…or in my case, let’s stumble around the room with all the grace and co-ordination of a hippo housebrick lump of concrete …err, me! You get the picture. Given enough time, I should be able to master the ‘moon-walk’, the salsa, foxtrot and waltz…but not for a few years yet! Rosi had encouraged us to go and it wasn’t far – just down the road at a local school. We picked up Rosi and David at around 8.45 for a 9pm start.

It was good fun, and the instructors – Bob and Rosemary, seem to be pretty good with lots of personal tuition. The only down-side was the temperature inside the venue – hot doesn’t even begin to describe it! (mainly because it had been a very hot day here – in the 30s). Fortunately, there was only about a dozen of us, so that helped a little. 

Tonight was the Cha-Cha – and I didn’t do too badly. Before we knew it, the hour was up and it was time to lie-down 🙂

Same time next week…

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