Travel to Mum’s/OCA Summer Reunion

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We set off for Mum’s this morning after Ann signed-on. Wed had a really smooth journey down – just under two hours. It had been a hot week – in the thirties – but today, thankfully, started off much cooler.

Mum fed and watered us and around three-ish I set off for the School, leaving Ann at Mum’s. It’s our Summer Reunion, and as usual, I’m helping with the preparation and the event itself.

Rather than drive all the way home, we’re staying at Mum’s overnight and setting off tomorrow morning. Mum will be with us and she’s staying at ours next week – it’ll save going all the way home and coming back to pick Mum up on the Monday (as per the original plan).

The Reunion went well, as it always does. After helping to clear-up, I left just after 10 and got to Mum’s around 10.30 – the roads were surprisingly busy for that time of night. I’m so I’m glad I’m staying over as I’m always knackered after the event and a two-hour drive home in the dark isn’t the smartest of choices!
We’ll head home after breakfast tomorrow.

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