Cor!! What a Scorcher!

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Well, maybe not a scorcher – but certainly a very nice day… 19 degrees C or thereabouts.

We spent all morning and a little of the afternoon in the garden; I even got around to mowing the lawn for the first time this season.

The cats loved it too. It’s probably the longest they’ve been in the garden for ages. Both of them took great interest in the bulbs that we were planning to plant. Whilst the bulbs were still in bags, lying on the lawn, both of them in turn treated them like catnip. They sniffed, scratched at and rolled on the bags in a kind of drug-crazed way – it’s a behaviour we’ve not seen before.

We finished the garden by taking the dead hammock up to the dump. It was pretty busy there (we think everyone had the same idea as us; a fine day equals an opportunity for a clear-up!)

We got back about 2ish, finished off watching ‘Lewis from a few weeks’ ago whilst tucking into Ann’s ciabatta pizzas.

We’re knackered but just before we collapsed completely, we did start to get things packed for going away next weekend.

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