It’s Hammock Time (with apologies to MC Hammer)

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hammock2006-722978 Today we dismantled the hammock – it’s been with us since 2006 and now it’s heading for the local dump!

It hadn’t really stood up to the weather – it full of rust and the materials definitely weren’t weather-proof. I remember it took two of us about an hour to assemble it – and it took me just 10 minutes to break it down into its component parts. By comparison, our previous hammock was almost a family heirloom and had stood for about thirty years or more in the family.

“They don’t make ’em like they used to…”

The rest of the time we spent doing various bits and pieces around the garden including trying out this new nano-technology path cleaner we’d bought through the Daily Telegraph. We’re not quite sure how nano-technology applies in this case, but it seems to be pretty good. You simply dilute in water, 1:8, and then brush it on and leave it. I tried it and 30 minutes later – most of the parts of the stonework I had applied it to had miraculously returned to looking-like-new –  how-dey-do-dat? It’s a miracle and beats hours of pressure-washing!!

Now we just need British Gas to arrive on time to fix the central-heating and it will have been a perfect day…

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