Roy, Susan and Janine joined us for Supper…

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Roy and Susan and Janine joined us for supper primarily for the five-of-us to plan in some detail, how we’re going to take photos of Roy when he runs in the London Marathon on 26 April.

Ann made two pizzas – one vegetarian and one spicy-meat – all accompanied with salad and washed down with a variety of drinks. It was only Roy and I who went for the alcoholic option!

We followed that with one of Ann’s specials – raspberries, greek yoghurt and honey in a tall glass. It was all scrummy.

After the meal, we got down to the nitty-gritty of the Marathon -it didn’t take very long to sort it all out using the internet, a bit of planning and a good dose of common sense! We’re all happy that we’ll be able to get some good photographs on the day. Let’s hope the weather is good this year (unlike last time!)

We were all finished just before 10.

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