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lng logoAfter Thursday’s night’s surprise snow-fall I decided that I wouldn’t travel to London tomorrow for the Learning Network Group meeting. It was a difficult decision as Antoinette was going to be running the session and I was looking forward to it. However, the recent weather conditions made driving a real challenge – even to the railway station, which is only a few miles away! Ironically, by Friday evening, the snow had started to clear-up!

imageI’m experimenting with MoonPig – the web-site that allows you to select a card (Birthday, Anniversary etc), customise its content and then either have it sent direct to the recipient or sent back to me for onward posting. I’m using the direct-send option at the moment. I like the idea of being able to tweak the text on the cover and inside – it makes it really personal. The downside of the direct option is that from the recipient’s point-of-view, it all might look a bit impersonal as the sender’s name inside is printed rather than signed by hand. Perhaps they’ll introduce an option where the sender can upload a scan of their name.

Ann undertook the first (of three) assessments at work today, as part of her pitch for a senior-manager position there. It consisted of a case-study relating to the national minimum wage. Fingers crossed!

We bumped into Rosi and David at Sainsburys tonight. We haven’t seen them since the new year celebrations.

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