New Groomer for the Cats

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7.00am. Well, today is the day when we take Biscuit and Bon-Bon over to Rushden Persian Rescue to meet Patsy who is going to attempt to groom them. From the conversation I had with her and our various emails, she sounds like a real cat lover – and Persians in particular!

I really hope this works out as I think the cats are suffering – especially Bon-Bon!

Initially, I thought we would never find the place as following the instructions after tapping in the postal address into the car’s sat-nav dumped us in the middle of an industrial estate in Rushden!

Anyway, we had the printed directions with us and finally got there about 11.20. Patsy and her helper-friend seemed very nice and are obviously cat-lovers based on the number of cats in the house. I counted 5…in fact it was 15!!!

3.30pm. We picked the cats up and they looked great! They were a bit stressed out but that’s quite normal. Biscuit did her ‘growling’ thing whilst Bon-Bon hissed a lot!! Patsy has done a GREAT job on them and we’ll be taking them back again in six weeks.

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