Homeward Bound…

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Well, I’m heading home today, although the day didn’t get off to the best of starts!

Firstly, I promised myself that I’d get an early night in as I knew I needed to be up at 3am for the taxi for the airport. Having duly set the alarm after getting in at 11.30pm (!!!) last night, I plugged in my phone for recharging and hit the pillow.

In what seemed like 2 seconds later, I was wide-awake and looking at the time, I saw it was 3.40 am. So..the alarm didn’t go off. I later discovered that I’d set the alarm for 3pm – bugger!

I had 20 minutes to get ready, get packed and check out!! Somehow I managed it..but goodness knows how! Add to that, that my back was aching like mad and was the worst it’s been for ages, didn’t help the situation. Mr. Grumpy lives!!

Totally wrecked, we headed for the airport, all of us – Barrie, John and me – strangely silent and all looking shattered. That’s just about the time when I realised that turning the power off in the room obviously cuts the power to all the electrical sockets…so my phone hadn’t charged overnight and was almost dead (I know the feeling).

Still, at least my plane was on time – unlike John’s that was delayed for an hour. We said our good-byes and I boarded the plane to Schiphol with Dolf, one of the other delegates. A smooooth flight and after a long walk to Gate D46 I staggered through Security. They wanted the bag completely emptied as some things looked ‘suspicious’. It turned out to be a combination of power-leads, blu-tac and an ipod that was causing them distress.

Having settled down at the Gate, we were all promptly turned out because we were too early for our flight and they needed to lock-up. 8.35 local time – Perched on the sill off the travelator, I wrote this! I think I’ve heard the robotic voice of ‘Mind the step’ on the travelator 432 times now!

So, all being well, the plane will be on time and I’ll be home around 11 UK time.

All-in-all, a good week business-wise in Gothenberg, but I need to decline the late nights more succesfully…and pace myself with the beers!

God, I feel rough this morning!!! Can’t wait to get home to see Ann and the cats and get some sleep!!!

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