Lee and Bertie arrive/Ann and Nicki in London/Sad news for Jane

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Lee and Bertie are coming over the stay for a few days and cover cat-sitting duties whilst we’re away in Scotland.

Ann is meeting Nicki in London and and having a girlie-day-out to celebrate Nicki’s 40th that’s coming up soon.

It’s Mum’s last day with us before Ann takes her back tomorrow, and her staying on for an extra day will give her chance to see Lee and Bertie.

Lee rang around 1.30 to let us know they were having a terrible journey – they left at 10am which means they should have been with us by 1.30, latest! By 1.30, they were only half-way!!! They arrived at around 4pm – what a horrendous journey! traffic, traffic and more traffic!!

Ann got back about 7.35.

We heard some real sad news today: Jane went for the results of her lump removal and was told that she now needs a mastectomy even though there is no immediate sign of anything serious.

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