Biscuit and Bon-Bon – Three years on…

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We’ve now had the cats for three years. When we compare their behaviour with say, a year ago, it’s interesting to note that they haven’t changed that much, behaviourally, in the last 12 months.

They’ve identified their fave sleeping place at night. Biscuit sleeps on the corner of the bed ‘my side’ and Bon-Bon does the same on Ann’s side.

The cat-tower that still sits in the dining room is still a favourite place for them although Bon-Bon has used it much less since we washed the cushions. maybe it’s too much of a fragrance with the fabric softener?

They both LOVE the garden. From what we’ve read, Persians aren’t supposed to like the outdoors, but ours do and it doesn’t seem to have an effect on their fur – even when they get wet. Biscuit still occasionally sits on the top of our fence in the back garden and we know she’s ventured over into other gardens in the past.

They are still occasionally being chased by the cat over the back. It chases them right up until the patio doors and then goes no further (phew!) Clearly our two are quite freaked out about it – Bon-Bon growls and shakes for some time after the event!

Neither of them are lap cats, and although they whinge when we pick them up, they’re much less vocal about it now. They’re both very affectionate (when they choose to be!) Bon-Bon is definitely more sociable now, than ever . Biscuit was always the more affectionate one but there it’s a smaller difference between them both in terms of how much affection they now show to us abnd visitors.

They drink regularly from the pond – yuk! – but that’s a cat-thing!!! It doesn’t seem to matter if we have put fresh water down elsewhere, they prefer the green stuff!! They don’t seem to be bothered by the fish and although they watch them very carefully, they don’t attempt to catch them. What DOES fascinate them is frogs and toads – they’re quite happy to chase them around the garden. The other creature-of-choice is butterflies – They’ve both got a track-record of bringing in souvenirs for us…well it could be could be frogs or birds!

I guess the only major change in their behaviour is that it’s now much easier to get them in from the garden. This time last year, they were notorious for hiding and running away when it was time to get them in. Biscuit now, is quite happy to be picked up and brought in whilst if you out-flank Bon-Bon she’ll run indoors without prompting. Maybe ‘herding cats’ is not a myth after all!

They’re still eating dry-food and wet food and their appetite is increasing. It’s not unusual for them to get through two full packets of the wet-stuff whereas this time last year they were making ONE last all day.

Size-wise, they don’t seem to have grown much in the last year and their coats don’t seem to get as knotty now. They still hate being combed out, but they don’t protest as loudly as they used to!

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